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SCFE Spice Extracts

SCFE offers many advantages over traditional extraction technologies. First it’s highly efficient and specific. The product of a supercritical fluid extraction of a spice is normally not solid. The liquid spice forms are more stable than the classic forms, after a longer storage period they tend to lose their internal content to a very low level.

Our liquid spice CO2 extracts have more reproducible quality as they contain the characteristic aroma, taste and color of raw spice form. The SCFE technology is also a versatile tool for manufacturing extracts with tailor made flavor profiles. Under low pressure, the essential oil i.e. highly volatile components (mono and sesquiterpenes) are obtained from spices. These CO2 extracts with their top notes have a superior quality in comparison to traditional extracts by their fresh and typical flavor that is very close to the spice raw material.

Another advantage is that our CO2 spice extracts contain all CO2 soluble spice constituents such as essential and fatty oils, carotenoids, lipophilic anti-oxidants, sterols, tocopherols, resinoids and waxes while leaving out polar substances such as sugars, amino acids, proteins, glycosides and inorganic salts as well as the removal of micro-organisms and their spores. Therefore, our CO2 extracts need less preservation, are more stable and have a longer shelf life than the standard solvent extracts.