Functional Ingredients are natural ingredients that have:
    Energy boosting and/or
   Disease preventing benefits
They have gained increasing popularity in the food industry, and there are a suprising range of benefits available.


Our aromatic essential oils are supercritical CO2 extracts; obtained at relatively low CO2 pressure & contain only volatile, CO2 soluble components. These tend to resemble the classic steam distillate but with the advantage of no temperature degradation and the potential for additional volatile substances.


"one of the traditional medicinal systems of Indian". Ayurveda is preventing unnecessary suffering & living a long healthy life. It involves the use of natural elements to eliminate the root cause of the disease by restoring balance, create a healthy life-style to prevent the recurrence of imbalance.

Hydrogen Enriched

Hydrogen water is a solution of molecular hydrogen H2HX2 in water, shouldn't be confused with acidic or basic solutions. The first scientific reference to hydrogen water appears to be in the journal, Nature Medicine which can be accessed here if you have a personal or institutional subscription to the journal.



  • For non-polar, lipophilic compounds – as a complement to water extraction
  • Effectively extracts essential oils, carotenoids, terpenes, oil soluble vitamins, unsaturated oils, alkaloids
  • Oxygen-free atmosphere protects from oxidation
  • No solvent residues of hydrocarbon solvent extractions (hexane, acetone, etc…)
  • Better than cold pressing oils, which are exposed to sensitive-compound-damaging heat and oxidation
  • Low temperature process – could be as low as 31 ˚C
  • High efficiency extraction with no waste: exhaustive yield of bioactives from plant mass
  • Customizable – Many different plant fractions are possible by changing T and P
  • Contaminant free – low extraction of heavy metals and in-organics
  • Bacterial inactivation – SCF sterilization
  • Non-toxic CO2 converts back into a gas after extraction and leaves no residue
  • CO2 is recycled internally – does not add to the burden of greenhouse gases

Contract Manufacturing

Nutraceutex has unique analytical and processing capabilities unlike most private label producers. Due to the highly specialized extraction & formulation of unique products produced at Nutraceutex our chemists are capable of creating original formulations and refining your existing compounds to perfect the final product. This rare combination of analytics, advanced chemists and novel technology invested in production equipment provides our clients with a comprehensive solution for true private label production.

Regulatory Documentation

All verifications pertaining to regulations related to an individual product, the usable communication claims and all the necessary documentation for notifications or registration are done.

Raw Material

In next phase the product is formulated. Once a formula has been set, the process moves to the selection of the raw materials suppliers.


Our product processing technology is vastly superior to other conventional processes and involves least human interference.

Analytical Capabilities

We test our products to ensure stability, palatability and to prove if the manufacturing practices have properly been followed.